North Glen Square Neighborhood Association


There has been an increasing problem with irrigation flooding or shortages in the area.

Irrigation is basically just good common sense, but re- cent conversations with neighbors reveals not all under- stand the regimen necessary to operate our system.

A few simple rules will assure you and your neighbors will get their water as scheduled.

When you sign up on the board, take only the amount you can use. Be sure you or someone will be responsible to take run-regardless of the time of day. If you fail to take all or part of your water, it builds

up down the line, and eventually will flood some- where. This will cause complaints to SRP who will shut it off temporarily. This causes others to miss their run as they don‘t know it‘s shut off until it‘s too late to call SRP and restart.

For some reason, I get lots of complaints and questions on irrigation-perhaps because I am first on the run, and have been around since it was all ditches! I have yet to see a complaint that the ??•golden rule??–would not have avoided. PLEASE think of your friends and neighbors as you plan to take your irrigation allotment-we will all benefit!!

Thank you, Tom Woods

Posted by ngsnamikey on 06/04/2011
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