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North Glen Square Needs Your Help

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Thank you for visiting our web page. Here you can learn more about our organization, learn about upcoming meetings and events, and participate in discussions with neighbors.

The North Glen Square Neighborhood Association was officially incorporated in 1985, but was organized as early as 1973. We are a neighborhood watch, not an HOA. Our goal is to facilitate community involvement for our residents and business owners, to guide development and zoning in North Glen Square, reduce crime and blight, and improve the quality of life in our area of Phoenix. 

NGSNA prides itself on its record as one of the most respected neighborhood groups in the City of Phoenix. However, we can't do it without the participation of our residents. We're always looking for volunteers, whether it's for 1 hour or 40 hours. Please consider helping us out.

Prospective residents or business owners - click on 85051 Zip Code Details on the left to learn more information about NGS and vicinity.

Members and residents, please send us your e-mail address so that we may keep you informed on neighborhood issues. We never send spam and we do not share e-mail addresses with anyone outside of the NGS board.

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